How To Buy The Best Computer


I recently got inspired to write this article from a buddy of mine who owns an it support company in boston. If you’re not planning to purchase a new computer today or tomorrow, the best thing you can do is to learn more about different components that separate computers. Learn how powerful your computer needs to be- an office computer doesn’t need much processing power- and which features are most useful to you.


  1. Consider the programs you’re running now or that you need to be able to use in the future, and when buying, check if the computer meets the minimum requirement of those programs. For instance, if you want to run and install Windows 64-bit version, the minimum requirements will include 1 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 20 GB HDD, DirectX 9, etc.
  2. Learn more about IT technology, and in particular the processor, the numbers, and what they stand for. This is important because every task or command is executed by the processor, and the more powerful the processor, the faster the overall performance. Processing power is also a major factor in determining what kind of graphics you need for your work, and how much memory should be included.
  3. You will need sufficient storage on your new computer, and if you carry a large collection of videos and games, or any large files, you will need more space on your hard drive. If you’re thinking of buying a laptop but are prone to dropping it, try a model that uses SSD as opposed to HDD. A solid state driver is meant to withstand a fall, and although it comes with less storage, it’s still enough for regular use.
  4. The more memory you have the better; so go for lots of RAM. The more RAM your computer has, the more it can multitask. Do you play a lot of video games? High-performance computers come with large amounts of RAM but they tend to be expensive; although you can always install it separately.

Look at the Evidence

Anecdotal evidence for the reliability of computers isn’t too reliable, but you may look at reviews and if every single user says the computer will fall apart in a week, you should try a different model. Branded computers are the best, so go for established names in the industry.

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How To Establish Your Business Online

Business owners are always dreaming of bigger and better things of taking their business to the next level. Expanding their business to include many branches, reaching ever more and more people and growing their companies into massive multinational operations are the dreams of every businessperson out there.

It can be a costly and difficult dream to realize but if a businessperson makes the right decisions and does not attempt to go too big too quick it can end being one of the best decision they ever made.

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So how do you expand your business safely and constructively without breaking the bank? Taking your land based business online is the answer as it allows you to reach your target consumers easily. Business communication can be done in the blink of an eye and the possibility of attracting more and more clients is greatly heightened when operating an online business.

One of the key bases of knowledge which a businessperson must have or acquire when taking his her business online, is knowledge of internet marketing and advertising. Knowing how to present your product and how to streamline your marketing so that it is easier and simpler to operate is the utmost goal here.

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Doing more with less is the goal of every business and the same applies when it comes to internet marketing and all it solutions. There are many courses online which can teach you how to market your products effectively on the internet with only a small amount of effort and time actually taken for an effective and profitable campaign.

Once your business is launched online it is important that you maintain a high level of contact with the visitors to your site as each visitor is a potential client and each client can bring you more and more potential clients, so it is imperative that you follow up customer inquiries and ensure that customers are always happy with your products and services.

(A buddy of mine just launched an It company in Boston, All It Supported. Show him some support and check out his website here)

Staying in touch with customers via email enables you to have a constant stream of information regarding clients wishes, suggestions and feedback. This is a valuable information as from this you can adapt your business and allow it evolve along the lines of what your customer and client base want and this is surely the way to further success.

Taking your business online could be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make and it could raise your business into new heights of success and productivity. Online marketing could enable your company to grow to the heights that you dream it can.

Finally, there are many ways you can explore to further enhance your online marketing campaign. Successful search engine optimization can be translated into increased sales and revenues for your online company not to mention the added benefit of establishing a formidable brand in the internet and a credible reputation which you can enjoy as a long term marketing advantage. In order for you to succeed in your online marketing, it is essential for you to stick your approach in the guiding principles and ethics of proper SEO marketing campaign. Especially if you have a company dealing with nationwide computer services. Sometimes hiring a nationwide computer support company can help, depending on how you want to build your business forward and what new changes you want. When it comes to scaling your business, it’s important to have a strong support staff as well.

If you even get that far….(most people don’t). For motivation, check out this video to see where most fail to even get their business to that next level. It’s my favorite video on the subject):